Homeschool Purpose:

Our Purpose is to provide parents with the structured organization and accountability of a homeschool enviroment while enjoying the benefits of teaching their children at home. We desire, as a ministry, to be used to build strong Godly families by giving the parents the ability to teach their children at home. Children are a gift from the God to their parents, and parents are responsible to God for the education of their children. We have helped many parents with this responsibility of giving their children a superior Christian education. Through our Academy you are not just "Home Schooling" , but are functioning as an extension of Heritage Christian Academy in  your home. 


Our School is privileged to have a talented staff of qualified teachers,   

Our goal is to create a warm, open environment  where students feel safe enough to ask questions,  explore and seek answers.  we challenge every student to surpass his or her own personal best.  Heritage is particularly proud of its diversity and takes every opportunity to celebrate those characteristics that make us different.  


Offers a unique opportunity for your  child  to  grow physically, emotionally, spiritually, and  intellectually,  in an environment where children  are valued as a "Heritage of the Lord" . Our academy ministers to students from KG through 12th grades. We use program materials and curriculum  that were developed by  experts in the field of education, and have been used and have been used nationally  in  schools that consistently exceed average standardized achievement test  scores for public  and non-public schools.  We primarily use the School of Tomorrow (A.C.E.) curriculum paces or online at Heritage Christian Academy.  The  Philosophical  objectives of all lessons and activities  provide opportunities of development  in the following areas:  social skills, self-help, physical coordination, responsibility independence,  positive self esteem,  and  creativity. 


hcafi​Wonder. Learn. Grow. 

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